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We provide consulting services in coastal and ocean engineering, including
  • ocean waves and random sea analysis
  • wind-wave forecasting and modeling
  • nonlinear wave crest statistics
  • tides and extreme water levels
  • wave  forces and wave-structure interaction
  • sediment transport and erosion processes
  • beach nourishment and sand bypassing
  • marine soil mechanics and foundations
We specialize in analysis of coastal hazards, including:
  • coastal flooding due to sea level rise
  • hurricane wind, wave, and storm surge impacts
  • tsunami inundation, runup, and structural loading
We also provide consulting services in port and harbor engineering,
and in some areas of naval architecture, including:
  • wave screens and wave barriers
  • fixed and floating breakwaters
  • harbor flushing and circulation
  • ship generated waves
  • effects of passing vessels
  • vessel berthing and mooring
  • response of floating structures
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